Improve Your Media Planning through Media Deep Dive Analysis


The client is a large FMCG marketer in FMCG category.

In recent times their FMCG brand in the matured urban market has faced stagnation in sales. The client is try to get marketing insights on their media plans which can help increase media throughput and thereby increase sales and market share.

TV is the largest & most prominent media vehicle for this brand and so any improvement in TV output is bound to have the biggest impact.

Standard market mix models are only able to capture the effectiveness of different media vehicles in driving sales and their overall ROI. It offers a generic attribution of sales to AV but several questions remain unanswered:

  1. Which type of channels (e*g* National/Regional; Cable Satellite/Non-Cable Satellite; Primetime/Non-Primetime) work better?

  2. Which genres (Action Ahriller' Soap Opera' Comedy' etc.), work better than others?

  3. How are we to allocate the given budget across channel types' genres andday parts to increase sales' without any increase in budget.

To answer the above questions one has to go beyond generic market mix models and perform deep dive analysis into media*

Task at hand

Our tasks were threefold

This market mix model provided the contribution of ,TV at an overall level ,he contribution of ,TV obtained from market in mix is
then used for the deep dive analysis Following analysis are performed to deliver answers to the models.


The deep dive analysis provided the following actionable insights:

Data at Hand

Solution Adopted

The following analysis was conducted on the data for the market mix model:


There are a great many additional business insights that can be derived from media deep dive analysis that was not possible with conventional market mix modelling.


The analytic procedures adopted indicated that Regional Channels via Cable Satellite Network during Primetime was the most effective channels to invest in. Next in line are the National Channels through Non-Cable Satellite in the Non-Primetime day parts. Within genres it was able to isolate soap opera and comedy as the winners compared to feature films, cricket and action thrillers.