An Introduction to Paid-Owned-Earned Media

Marketers employ a plethora of media channels to facilitate the dissemination of brand information to consumer buyers. In more contemporary times, these channels are considered to fall into three categories of paid, owned and earned media or POEM. In paid media, the media channel is merely ‘rented’ from channels owners at rates that are negotiated in advance. Examples of Paid media include the traditional mediums like TV, print, radio, OOH and also a growing focus on online platforms like SEM Impressions, banner ads, and Pre-roll impressions. Media channels and brand content that marketers own, like websites, newsletters, catalogues, blogs and social media accounts, are termed ‘owned media’. They not only facilitate brand communication but also foster consumer engagement. Brand presence within media, without having to pay for its use, is classified as earned media. Customers are encouraged and often empowered to create and publish content on behalf of the brand. It is this content, emanating from consumers, prospective consumers and others interested parties that create ‘buzz’ and word of mouth for the brand. Earned media traditionally was classified as PR generated by the brand but with the advent of social media, there has been an increased focus by brands to connect with their target audience on social media and SNS platforms.