An Octopus needs many tentacles to catch and feed itself in the depths of the ocean. In the sea of data we are flooded with today, we need many connections too in bringing the right data into the system, continuously.

When it comes to implementing analytics across a company, marketing departments' biggest problem is not of analysing all the relevant information it possesses. It's of gathering this information in order to analyse it, then updating fresh information as it comes in.

Octopus™, a proprietary RainMan product, solves this problem in real time. Once implemented, it pulls in every bit of information, much like the creature it was named after, and funnels it into a robust marketing database.


When implemented, Octopus™ ensures a smooth inflow of data into a now-cleaned up and logically-arranged marketing database. This can now take any queries from the marketing team. The result is that the marketing team now has access to a number of business reports that are not easily available otherwise or would take days to get out of the agency concerned. Simple correlations between marketing inputs and sales are shown automatically and all of these can be used for analysis.


Octopus™ allows for customised advanced analytic models, using various forms of regression, to be built and fed into it. This enabling marketing managers to forecast sales or any other key metric, based on planned inputs or likely future competitive pressures. An intuitive, real-time dashboard enables users to get multiple scenarios. These can be built, validated and tracked over time, enabling corrective action based on real-time market dynamics.


RainMan provides a seamless service, underpinned by proprietary technology and processes, that combines data integration, visualization, modelling and prediction. As a result, we can successfully install and configure Octopus™ to meet your unique marketing structure and needs.

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