Cross Media Attribution

Thanks to the digital revolution, consumers engage and interact with brands through plethora of media connect points. Thus a marketer's task in this age is to maximise the effectiveness of each connect points that is deployed. The media connect points impact the business metric not only through direct impact but also through influencing other media in an indirect manner. For example, TV may have a direct impact in driving the sales or brand measure. But TV also would lead a consumer to the digital and thus enhance the impact of search or social conversation on sales. The effectiveness of each connect points can be enhanced only if one measures the direct and indirect effect of each medium. In the current age of Paid, Owned and Earned media usage, cross media attribution thus play an important role.

Medium’s direct and indirect impact is shown as a case below:-

Cross Media Attribution Analysis provides answers to the following key business questions?

1. What is the role of Paid, Owned and Earned Media in impacting business measures or mind measures?
2. What is the level of interaction between Paid, Owned and Earned media in affecting the business measures?
3. What is the direct impact and ROI of Paid media and what is the indirect impact and ROI? What are the marginal returns?
4. How can one effectively plan the Paid media to enhance its impact directly to sales and indirectly through Earned and Owned media?
5. How can one enhance consumer brand engagement by boosting the Earned and Owned media impact?
6. How can overall media investment - Traditional and Non Traditional - be optimised to get a lift in business measures?